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Tabloid Newspapers

Send out tabloid newspapers that will catch your readers’ attention, whether it is a local market’s weekly ad or governal newspaper. Oláh Printing Industrial Limited tabloid printing capabilities include expedited turnaround, design, colors, layout and overall aesthetic. Our highly automated production line not only assures quick results, but an unparalleled focus on quality. You do not have to sacrifice quality for cost; Oláh Printing Industrial Limited offers the most competitive pricing for tabloid newspaper printing. Use our immedidate pricing tool to get a quote on our tabloid newspaper printing services.

Cold-set Web Offset Capacity

With Coldset web offset technology we are able to print very cost effective issues.

This is also a subset of web offset printing, typically used for lower quality print output. It is typical of newspapers, books or crosswords production. In this process, the ink dries by absorption into the underlying paper. A typical coldset configuration is often a series of vertically arranged print units and peripherals.

Types of offset printing


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