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Ultra-Modern Web Offset Platform

Oláh Printing Industrial Limited is pleased to announce their high volume investment with Konig and Bauer AG (KBA) to replenish its web offset technology. This agreement is for a well automatizated KBA C215 16pp press.

Max. production speed 50,000 revs/h
Max. web speed 11.4 m/s
Cylinder circumference 620 mm
Web width 1,000 mm
Printable stock weights 36 – 200 * g/m2
Plate-changing time ** approx. 1,5 min.
Webbing-up speed, with chain 40 m/min

* with automatic plate change
.(Check out the deatils on the pdf brochure)

Miklós Oláh commented: “Despite the economic climate, Oláh Printing Industrial Limited has realized positive increase on both domestic and export market share. We are just at the very start of a growing period so.I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for all those reliable bussiness partners who has enabled us to achieve this significant investment. This will be the most dominant single investment in the regional print market for some time.”

Production flexibility, the shortest possible changeovers, high folding accuracy, low maintenance and absolute reliability – these were the targets set in decision making for the KBA Compacta 215.

The investment sees Oláh Printing Industrial Limited at the forefront of web offset technology. This KBA C215 16pp press is the industry’s most advanced technology. The configuration will give flexibility without reducing the maximum output capability.

The state of the art 16pp shortgrain press has 50,000cph rated complete with the P3 pin folder and also equipped with the very latest ‘Closed Loop’, Web Monitoring and Quality Management technology available, ensuring high output is matched by high quality.

István Shuck, CEO, Prosystem Kft: “As a regional representative of Konig and Bauer AG -Prosystem is delighted that Oláh Printing Industrial Limited has selected us as a partner for its long-term equipment needs. Our product portfolio and unique financial service capabilities have paved the way for this comprehensive solution for Oláh. This new investment emphasizes KBA’s position as the premier provider in our regional industry and recognizes our ability to meet the changing needs of customers.”

A superb print quality, fast changeover times, ergonomic operation, good stability, low maintenance and optimum flexibility: the C215 were designed to deliver on every point. Their robust construction, practical automation level (plate change, roller bearings etc.) and ingenious details (settings for paper thickness) make the C215 the perfect tool for round-the-clock production of short, medium and long print runs alike.


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