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Quality Doesn’t Cost More

Costs Down, Quality Up

The state-of-the-art 620mm cutoff presses are equipped with the very latest ‘Closed Loop’, web monitoring and quality management technology available from graficontrol, ensuring high output is matched by premium quality. Fast Turnaround time is garanteed by the fully automatic plate change of autoplate system which means all 8 plates on a press with 4 printing units takes approx. 2 minutes. For rapid production changeovers the machines are mounted with automatic registration control, improving and maintaining registration accuracy.


Ink density presets are generated from customer files, allowing us to pre-configure ink keys. Quality copies come off the press sooner, reducing startup time and waste, which help keep prices down. All of our press lines have folders for maximum flexibility without affecting turnaround time and we have the ability to provide numerous folding options including:

This makes it possible to offer a wide variety of product options. Oláh Printing Industrial Limited can satisfy almost any folding requirement. We can also glue and trim inline. This means many products can be press delivered which can result in a substantial cost savings for you.


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