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PrePress Guideline

Download: Pre-press guideline (.pdf)

Please make sure that the uploaded job must be composite PDF or PS file format. When rendering the files
please don’t attach any color profiles(ICC) or make sure that you have attached the correct one (see appendix)!

Wrong color profiles may cause unexpected color errors during the printing process. For more information on color profiles please read the color profiles appendix.

You can send us data via, e-mail (studio@olahnyomda.hu) or direct uplad to our FTP server. We have 15/15
broadband internet connection. You can uplad the files in bare or compressed format.

You can reach our server in the following address:
Login: public
Password: ctcp2010

If you wish we can make you a private account on our server. Please send us your login name and password to the following address: olah.daniel@olahnyomda.hu Our collegue will ring you back to make sure the data is correct. When rendering PDF files you can use for example: Generic Imagesetter, Agfa, Acrobat PDF…etc. You can download „OláhNyomda joboptions to render PDF files in Acrobat Distiller from the Public FTP folder under the „!Anyagleadási információk” subfolder.

Please make sure that you have made the following settings:

We don’t store the files for a long time so please tell us if you want us to keep your jobs on our FTP.

Please keep yourself to the guideline written above. If any faults are present because of the mentioned errors we don’t take any responsibility, though we are trying to filter out all errors before the printing process.

Company: Oláh Nyomdaipari Kft.
1211 Budapest, Központi u. 69-71.
Central phone.: 1/278-5000, fax: 1/278-5008, e-mail: olahnyomda@olahnyomda.hu
Pre-press dept phone.: 1/278-5015, e-mail: studio@olahnyomda.hu

Download: Pre-press guideline (.pdf)


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