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Lows of Game

The Responsiblity of Printing House

Printing house undertakes to provide the customers print material according to international quality standards.The printers responsibility is to process the print-ready files with due diligence and ensure that all of their contents will completely reproduce on the same quality throught the printing process.
The maximum quality result is determined by the paper type.The features of different paper typres are reproducible with ICC color profiles. The printer’s responsibility is to ensure the international quality standards.
The press is not responsible for the content of the submitted.material. The press is not responsible for any file errors that are not eliminated on softwares.

The Responsiblity of the Client

The customer’s responsibility is to provide all the necessary informations belongs to the product before the undertaken deadline including print-ready files.
We kindly ask you to prepare the files according to the technological and technical requirements of our printing house.
The responsibility of contents of the files (PDF, PS), cherged to the customer, so please check out carefully before uploading.


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